Issue #12 D Thrash Productions Special Edition


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D Thrash Productions Special Edition


D Thrash Productions was built on the conceptual family, not your traditional business models of the past and present. Derek Thrash who is one of the members of the popular group the Jawga Boyz believed that a label could be created, which mirrored a home and not a fulltime job.

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A place where musicians could work together for the betterment of the family as a whole. DThrash Productions believes in the importance of a strong foundation built around the team mentality and it is apparent that this ideal is shared by each member of the label.

Derek has put together a strong team that believes and incorporates the ideas of the vision of a label being a second family. DThrash Production consists of the Jawga Boyz, Dez, Boondock Kingz, Porch Matthews, Tennessee Shine, Handz Onn, Bluefoot, Riverbank Boys, Jawga Sparxxx, Collard Green, and Teacher Preacher. Each one of these amazing musical talents will tell you DThrash Productions is a family and will tell you they would not rather be anywhere else in the music industry. They agree that DThrash Production is the home they have been looking for throughout their careers. They are a strong and well-oiled machine that has each and every member’s back.

DThrash believes that they will either succeed together or fail together but whatever the case maybe it will be done together as a unit. The first real powerhouse single was released since the building of this soon to be dominant family in music and it came from the upcoming album that will be released by the Boondock Kingz. The track symbolizes the mentality of this family, they are coming out swinging. The interesting part is they are not swinging as individuals, they are swinging in unison.


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