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Stickers are in!!!!! Get your Muddy Beatz Sticker while we have them. Super Hot Seller. The original design when Muddy Beatz was just an idea. Ramrod went and paid his local tattoo artists, Curtis JuneBugg Lucas Jr to come up with a design that represented both the country and streets for a future juggernaut publication.





Past Article

Colt Ford — Thanks For Listening

Colt Ford’s interview in my eyes was a major achievement for Muddy Beatz Magazine. I will always look up to him as one of the major innovators in the music industry. Conducting interviews I always try do my interviews differently than other because I want them to feel comfortable and open. I wanted Colt Ford to be free to give me him as a person in words. It is a memory that I will cherish for my lifetime. Colt Ford explains that even today it is just as natural; being a Georgia boy and doing what he loves is all he knows.

Colt explains he never sees anything else but the same person when looking in the mirror. The recently released “Thanks For Listening” album is a way to really reach out to everyone and let them know how truly humbling, flattered, and thankful he is to be so blessed. The country just never left him throughout his musical journey and he is the same Colt Ford that started the musical journey years ago. Colt is also thankful that he is able to produce music everyone could listen to at all age levels. The ability to give a family atmosphere at his shows was vitally important to him as a musician.

These values came from how he was raised.

Before Muddy Beatz Magazine even dropped its first edition, I drove over 5 hours by myself to see Colt Ford and Ricky Young in Semora, NC. It was one of the very first throw all caution into the wind moments I had, but it would not be the last for me on my musical adventure. Talking with Colt Ford and Ricky Young that night was an inspiration, fuel for the drive, and I knew that I could write articles of significance on great musicians. Meeting and seeing Colt on stage gave me a confidence boost that through hard work, staying true to yourself and perseverance you can accomplish anything.

During the interview, I asked Colt about what direction does he see this huge Rebel Core movement heading.

He answered quickly, the possibilities are limitless. The infusion of other styles, flavors, and creativity are taken into the Rebel Core movement to different highs and he is thankful to be a part of it. The music is real-life and organic. He mentioned that every song he has ever created has something to do with his children, thoughts, wife, or moments in time. There is no other way for him to write, it has to be real and palpable.

Colt told me a story over the phone that sent chills up my spine, especially since I served five years in the United States Marine Corps. He was at a meet and greet in Arizona, when a disabled US soldier walked up to the table and handed him a military patch. The soldier wanted to make sure he knew how fundamentally important Colt’s music had been in the hospital and overseas. He said experiences like that one and all the love and support is so very humbling.

Be sure to go purchase a Colt Ford album today. In my eyes Colt Ford has paved a road for so many artists to create music with freedom and unrestricted creativity. This has opened the once locked door to explore many different combinations and possibilities in musical art that would have once been considered taboo. The Rebel Core movement is an example of growth and like I have always said, “country and rap together is just as good as peanut butter and chocolate”. Also Colt Ford has displayed the deep rooted values of the south that sometimes seemed to be lost in today’s society such as unpretentiousness, consideration, and respect for our country.


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